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Active Lives: Biographies on Stage

Active Lives: Biographies on Stage is a dynamic literacy series that combines the human-interest appeal of biographies with the hands-on action of plays. Each 32-page student book contains:

Active Lives: Biographies on Stage is a visually attractive series intended to capture the interest of students in Years 5-8. Because the plays are based on meaningful real-world events, they are also highly suitable for Years 9-10 Drama.

Active Lives: Biographies on Stage combines topic teaching, biography study, and drama into one book. Students are able to read about two important figures from history and then actively explore the motivations and characters of those individuals.

Through drama, the characters are made three-dimensional and the students are given the opportunity to explore point-of-view in an active way. Each play contains only 6-8 characters, making Active Lives ideal for small group work.

Each play contains primary source excerpts which are highlighted for the reader and greatly add to the dramatic authenticity of the overall text. The dynamic learning inherent in Active Lives: Biographies on Stage encourages deeper-level thinking and reflection and makes it the ideal programme for cross-curricula studies.

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