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The NEW Joy Cowley Collection

Key Features:

•      An excellent foundation for early readers aged 5-7

•      Quality fiction titles from respected children's author Joy Cowley; students will love
       the world-famous engaging characters and rhythm featured in each story.

•      Easy to incorporate into any current reading programme providing Shared, Guided, and
        Independent Reading opportunities for the whole class

•      Teacher's Notes are included on the inside back covers of both Small Books and Big
       Books. These notes were written by NZ RT: Lits and are aligned to the Literacy
        Learning Progressions
, which are the basis of the National Literacy Standards.



  • Mrs Wishy-Washy's Birthday

  • Mrs Wishy-Washy on TV

  • Oops, Mr Wishy-Washy

  • Hairy Bear and the Door

  • Fix-It Bear

  • Hairy Bear on the Roof

  • Sloppy Tiger Washes the Floor

  • Sloppy Tiger's Picnic

  • Sloppy Tiger on the Bus

  • Mr Whisper and Miss Candy

  • Mr Whisper and the Road Works

  • Mr Whisper's Sore Ears

  • Huggles in School

  • Huggles' Cold

  • The Huggles' Hug

  • Mrs Wishy-Washy and the Big Wash

  • Mrs Wishy-Washy and the Big Tub

  • Mrs Wishy-Washy and the Big Farm Fair

  • Meanies in the House

  • Those Yucky Meanies!

  • Meanies' Night Out

  • Smarty Pants at the Circus

  • Smarty No Pants

  • Smarty Pants and the Talent Show

  • Poor Sore Hungry Giant

  • The Hungry Giant's Shoe

  • The Hungry Giant's Baby

  • Little Dan

  • Dan's Lost Hat

  • Dan and the Parrot

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