Early Literacy by Joy Cowley, Ages 5-7

The Joy Cowley Club: Set 1

The Joy Cowley Club: Set 1 features trios of stories about all-new exciting characters, such as Anna and her "wild" lamb Barbie; a family of friendly ogres called the Gruesomes; a big brother and a wise little sister who visit a fun fair; and the classroom equipment that comes to life after school is finished for the day.

Featuring vibrant, contemporary illustrations, read these books and discover how Joy Cowley's child-centred approach to literacy draws children into a love of reading.

The Joy Cowley Club: Set 2

The Joy Cowley Club: Set 2 is published as trios of stories. Enjoy the second installment of the classroom equipment that comes to life, advice for pets on how to live with humans, the exciting escapades of Mr Tang and his special taxi, the adventures of Miniboy and his pet "horse" Mousie, and the teddy bears who live in a toy museum. Levels 10-14.

The Joy Cowley Club: Junior

The Joy Cowley Club: Junior is carefully designed to build children's literacy skills. Readers are provided with different subjects and illustration styles while they are in the early stages of literacy. These entertaining books contain what Joy Cowley calls "story magic". Every book is a real story with a beginning, middle, and end. Ages 5-6. Literacy Levels 3-9.

The Joy Cowley Club: Wishy-Washy

The Joy Cowley Club: Wishy-Washy is a series of 15 delightful new stories about Joy Cowley's most famous character - Mrs Wishy-Washy. These stories will both empower and delight young readers with their lovable characters, strong plots, and a humorous twist at the end of each story. Ages 5-6. Literacy Levels 2-4.


The NEW Joy Cowley Collection

New Zealand's favourite author Joy Cowley has written completely new early literacy stories about some of her most well-known and much-loved characters. After repeated requests from students and teachers around the world, Joy has written new books on the further adventures of Mrs Wishy-Washy; The Hungry Giant; Smarty Pants; Dan, the Flying Man; The Meanies; Huggles; Sloppy Tiger; Mr Whisper; and Hairy Bear. The NEW Joy Cowley Collection features 30 titles, available as both Big Books and Small Books. Audio Support, read by Miranda Harcourt, is also provided on either CD or MP3.

The Joy Cowley Collection

Back by popular demand, New Zealand teachers' favourite Story Box books have been re-released as The Joy Cowley Collection. Reunite with Mrs Wishy-Washy, The Hungry Giant, and other popular characters created by New Zealand's own world-famous author Joy Cowley. The Joy Cowley Collection features 35 titles, available as both Big Books and Small Books.

The Joy Cowley Plays

Plays are an interactive, inclusive, and enjoyable way for students to develop their reading fluency. This exciting new series provides 10 plays by the renowned and much-loved children's author Joy Cowley, creator of the classroom classics Mrs Wishy-Washy and The Hungry Giant. The Joy Cowley Plays are a unique collection of shared reading texts for ages 6-9, and will be a resource you and your students will use over and over again.

The Joy Cowley Club: Big Bear and Little Bear

The Joy Cowley Club: Big Bear and Little Bear Enjoy the charming exploits of Big Bear and Little Bear as they learn about the world around them, and help your young readers expand their world, too. World renowned children's author Joy Cowley has used her many years of experience to create texts that both empower and delight the reader, with beautiful picture book quality illustrations. Ages 5-6, Literacy Levels 7-9, Teacher's Notes are on the inside cover of each book.

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