Clean Slate Press is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company that publishes high-quality educational resources, both for New Zealand schools and the international market. At Clean Slate Press, we recognize the importance of providing teachers and students with product that is specifically designed to meet the achievement objectives of the New Zealand curriculum.

We also recognize the importance of providing teachers and students with high-quality product that has been made by New Zealanders, for New Zealanders. As such, we publish the work of New Zealand authors and illustrators, including highly acclaimed writers such as Joy Cowley, Justin Brown, and Frances Adlam; and much-loved illustrations by Elizabeth Fuller-Fulton, Jenni Webb, Deirdre Gardiner, Robyn Belton, Annie Hayward, and Philip Webb.

New Zealand schools provide dynamic learning opportunities, and Clean Slate Press provides products that promote dynamic learning across the curriculum. As well as our own innovative literacy products, we have also republished Joy Cowley's well-known early literacy series previously known as Story Box®. This series has been revamped and re-branded as The Joy Cowley Collection, and contains the titles, as both Big Books and Small Books, that many early literacy programmes have been built on, including The Hungry Giant, Mrs Wishy-Washy, and Meanies. Watch out, too, for new titles from Joy Cowley that are coming out soon!

Many of you will be familiar with The Think Tank - maths activity cards produced by the mathematics academics and educators at Origo Education in Australia. Clean Slate Press are the New Zealand distributors of The Think Tank, and a whole new range of maths product from Origo, including Flare - a mathematics resource for the interactive whiteboard.

Clean Slate Press is proud to bring both traditional and contemporary literacy and maths programes to New Zealand schools.

Think Clean Slate Press, think a new standard in publishing!

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